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Giving It Life...

IoT Integrator (IoTi), is an integrator of end to end IoT solutions for organisations that truly want to optimize & automate processes, enhance security & safety and improve preventive maintenance, with real-time monitoring and management.

To do the right thing, IoTi has the solution and the business case to justify the investment

Our IoT Integrator platform and services are our means to enable every single thing in our world to connect and collaborate (CnC), Giving It Life…


Simplifying IoT Experience

We ensure the adoption of IoT solutions and transformation journey is well planned and managed to gain   phenomenal value 

Go-To-Market Success

We work hand in hand with our customers to understand their needs and develop execution strategies based on comprehensive business case analysis 

Continuous Support

We stand by our customers throughout their journey from idea to execution with our consultancy and solution support services 

Developed Technology

For every simple solution released into the market, there’s a great amount of technology that must be either invented or adapted for that purpose, and IoT Integrator is no exception. Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our successful IT Startup.

Our Story

A group of experienced telecommunication executives came together one day and figured out what are the gaps in the IoT industry today. After continuous brainstorming and nights of white-boarding sessions, the team arrived to a conclusion that the market is in need of end to end solution providers and enablers, because end users are only interested in their business case, and they would prefer to outsource the management of the complexities that come in between their challenges, solutions, technology and vendors.

IoT Integrator was conceived, with an aim to close this gap, and to bring practical end-to-end IoT solutions that make a difference in the business scene across industries and customers

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