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5G is the LastG...

Show Me The MONEY $$$: Recent 5G PoCs - results 10Gbps to100Gbps. The applications for such speeds are very relevant for VR and AR, coupled with Cloud requirements across industries (from gaming, education, health care, security, and new emerging industries). Show me the money - Business Case is required and today we don’t have enough data for CSPs to justify embarking into 5G (it will take at least another 5 years before any CSP decides to fully embark on it).

The Business Case for 5G and future will require “collaboration” of technology with other players/industries to ensure seamless “connectivity” of everything.

CSP + Carrier Vendor = DSP 2.0: 5G will be the catalyst for Carrier Vendors to change their commercial models with CSPs. CarrierVendors will have to invest in the partnership - end-to-end from deployment to monetization of 5G.

Carrier Vendors will transform and have active stakes in CSPs – creating a new player, DSP 2.0 to prepare for the C2T industry.

IoT the final nail in the coffin for CSPs: To survive, CSPs will need to embrace IoT by collaborating with IoT Networks (Sigfox) or independent IoT LoRa Networks - to create new revenue streams as an IVO (IoT Virtual Operator).

The need to have 5G for CSPs to become an IoT service provider does not justify the business case.

Inside-Out (CSPs into DSPs): CSPs will need an inside-transformation into a DSP, before embracing 5G. Transform OSS/BSS, implement SDN/NFV and shift mindset (IT + Engineering = Digital).

If a CSP doesn’t transform into a DSP but tries to embrace 5G – they will be another player in the Utility Industry (providing “air” pipelines) and irrelevant in the new C2T industry.

C2T for Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Alibaba and AWS: aggressively leveraging CSPs – to monetize their business and creating new revenue streams, while CSPs are still struggling to transform quickly to leverage this partnership – looking like a win-lose.

With virtual SIMs (e-SIM) - these players will fast track their position in C2T industry – ability to connect and collaborate with multiple types of devices.

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