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YODA's Predictions for 2017

Rise of DSP 2.0 (Digital SOLUTION Provider): CSPs embracing Digital Transformation with SDN/NFV. B2B and B2C will demand for SOLUTIONs as a primary requirement to be empowered– based on Connectivity, Applications and Devices. SERVICES will become secondary.

  1. FinTech by Old Boys: Banks will start embracing FinTech - fear of being “uberized”. Some will invest in start-ups and some will start their own.

  2. IoT will become CoT: IoT (Internet of Things) will evolve into CoT (Connectivity of Things). CoT devices will connect and need to collaborate.

  3. CLOUDS will be LOCALIZED: Big Cloud players will acquire local data centers to meet Government agencies’ demands for Cloud services to be localized, due to security and privacy.

  4. cNPS = eNPS: Organisations will start measuring employeeNPS. Findings will be obvious; customerNPS = employeeNPS.

  5. 3D Business Case: Organisations will start to factor development of employee skills (measurable assets) as the 3rd Dimension into investments for business case justification (ROI) – not just $$$ and Time.

  6. ANTICIPATE as a Primary Skill: Organisations will look for individuals with the skills to ANTICIPATE Opportunities effectively as a Primary . Problem SOLVING skills will be Secondary, as Big Data/Machine Learning platforms will solve problems much effectively .

  7. COACH-Leadership: Demand for leaders with coaching style leadership – focused on the “why”. The old style of leadership – telling employees “what” to do and “how” to do, will become obsolete due to technology and Gen X/Y.


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