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Where is the Business Case?

What is IoT?...Is it an application? Is it a device? Is it a connectivity? Is it a product? Or is it something everyone is trying to sell?

IoT is an enabler to a Solution. You do not sell IoT, you sell Solutions!

Last week, I was at an IoT event, the speakers were talking about how funky their IoT products and applications. Unfortunately, no one was selling a solution that has a business case to justify the investment.

Show me a business case, not what and who is doing with IoT! Today we need to find ways to optimize and automate, to reduce cost or create new revenue streams.

Business Case is imperative when it comes to B2B solution selling. You can even create business case for CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects! There is no such thing as you don’t need a business case because your product is innovative and flexible.

IoT will be a successful enabler to a solution, if there is a BUSINESS CASE!

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