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IoT Integrator Enables SmartKampung

We need to bridge the digital gap, especially concerning the quality of life between urban and rural populations. While there is emphasis on SmartCity projects where IoT is a key approach, we in IoTi decided to do the-right-thing, by initiating a CSR project, Smart Kampung - to ensure our communities in rural areas also experience and leverage the impact that IoT can bring to their lives.

To implement an end-to-end SmartKampung, there is a need for energy access, communication and together with other key components of infrastructure to enable IoT. The solution can accelerate development of education and healthcare services, enhance clean water and sanitation, increase availability of nutritious food, and the establishment of productive enterprises - such developments provide substantial improvements in well-being and life opportunities, and increase the appeal of kampung living, as compared to migrating to cities.

SmartKampung 1.0 (SK1) will focus on water quality monitoring to achieve better health outcomes – we will start by taking advantage of IoT solutions that are low powered, long ranged and very low cost. Sigfox Technology is going to enable it. [Target to commence by 2017]

SmartKampung 2.0 (SK2) will focus on resilience to natural disasters and deforestation – by giving life to things, or assets which can support villagers in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and enable lives and communities subsequently to be re-built. SK2, shall also monitor local environment which can help minimise vulnerabilities to natural disasters such as droughts (for example, through effective forest management) and storms (for example, for coastal communities, by preserving mangrove forests). [Target to commence by 2018]

SmartKampung 3.0 (SK3) will focus on agriculture – which continues to be central to the lives and economies of rural communities. Estimates suggest that agricultural productivity must increase by 70% to feed the world population, which is expected to reach nine billion people by 2050. There is an urgent need to focus on promoting productive uses of technology in agricultural communities. And will also encourage smart food production that reduces agriculture’s substantial contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. [Target to commence by 2018/2019]

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