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Making Agriculture Sexy! (IoTi) developed Making Agriculture Sexy (MAS) framework to bridge the digital divide, and to encourage opportunities for individuals and groups to make a positive impact by developing their own micro-projects based on the MAS framework.

  • Why: While we emphasize on SmartCity, Smart Building, Smart Home, etc – we should also focus on rural areas including micro-agriculture sectors, to guide them to embrace technology to ensure no one is left behind in the nation’s digital transformation.

  • Who: An opportunity for Start-ups, NGOs, Social Groups, Education Institutions and Private Sectors – to make a difference by starting small (micro-projects) based on the MAS framework…example;

  • SmartKampung :

  • SmartLongkang:

  • How to make MAS successful: MAS framework was designed holistically - based on People, Process and Technology. We need to start small and simple to ensure the rural and small & medium farmers (micro-agriculture sectors) will embrace MAS. A small change in the Process coupled with simple Technology will be easy to educate People => will create small success/wins => Bridge The Digital Divide.

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