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SmartLongkang Will Challenge Dengue & Flash Floods…

Dengue cases and Flash Floods seem to be a common phenomena due to environment changes and urban/suburban growth. To challenge it, IoT Integrator (IoTi) developed a unique solution, SmartLongkangTM enabled by IoT technology, that creates a collaborative environment and empowers individuals or organisations – to challenge Dengue and Flood.

  • SmartLongkangTM is designed with a complete end-to-end solution : connect (LPWAN) => collect=> real-time analysis=> trigger => action.

  • SmartLongkangTM connects all drains that prone to Dengue and Flash Flood : real-time monitoring flow of water => if no movement of water => trigger warning => local authority or/and residents community => to take action.

  • SmartLongkangTM empowers you or/and your organisation to pro-actively take action and not wait for a disaster to to solve the problem.

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