A wide range of sensors are available to support various use cases for customers. While we offer a series of ready-to-order use cases, our customers are able to define their own use cases with the offered devices.
Our devices have been carefully crafted to meet demands of today’s businesses. Some of them need to be IP67 compliant for water proofing, while others have been tested to work under extreme conditions for mission critical purposes.


The success of an IoT solution is as good as the system that backs it. The supporting applications need to be powerful, scalable and dynamic in order to adapt to the rapid changes in the business it supports. IoT Integrator applications support both cloud and on-premise configurations, giving customers a choice to suit their business policies. Along with an attractive, easy to use user interface, our applications come equipped with various capabilities such as analytics, reporting, etc.


The essence of the Internet of Things is the ability of devices being able to communicate independently over the internet. IoT Integrator not only helps customers design use cases, they will also work with them to identify the most suitable communication protocol for their setup. Sigfox, LORA, WiFi, GSM, are some of the ways IoT devices can be connected.

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